Vinyl Solution

Monday, 27th August, 2018

After many many years Vinyl Solution is closing. Everything, and I mean everything is half price.

This follows the Frankston record shop that closed last year because the site was be redeveloped.

Even announced the closure last Tuesday, and by Saturday all the good stock had disappeared, leaving average and obscure LPs.

Nonetheless, I did pickup some Ktel records, a few Quadraphonic records, and a few things like early Judy Stone, and Carol King etc.. A fairly rare Johnny Young LP was also snared.

I didn’t get to go through the singles because of the number of people in the store, but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Evan ran the shop by himself, saying it took to long to train up employee’s. Running a large shop with so much stock was hard work for one person. While Evan is not old, he said he just wanted to retire. He mentioned a couple of times over the years he didn’t want to move all the stock to another store if the lease ended. Rents in Melbourne are becoming impossibly high through greed. What was once a fairly average shopping centre in a sleepy suburb is now surrounded by high blocks of flats (apartments).

So if you are in Melbourne, get on down to Cheltenham and snare a bargain. The shop will be open until the end of October or until stock runs out. So ring before going.

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