Updates – July 2014

Thursday, 10th July, 2014

Things are moving along slowly behind the scenes.  We are still working on a suitable database system and have tried a few different WordPress solutions, but none really do what we have in mind.

We have about 7 new Majestic/K-tel compilations in the collection. The most exciting of these is what seems to be the second country and western release.  What is interesting is that it lists the three other current titles at the time. It suggests that I now have a complete collection of the very early releases.  Also of interest is that the albums were purchased by mail order, and there was an order coupon that needed to be sent in with your money.  I am working on a early releases page that covers the pre consolidated NA/TA/WA series, so stay tuned.

A number of Readers Digest sets and compilations have also turned up.  These are custom pressings by RCA here in Australia and are manly easy listening or operetta style.  Nonetheless, the packaging is interesting, and shows just how much the companies valued the overall pleasure of music in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Til next time…

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