Telmak appears to have some association with TCN-9 television in Sydney. Many of their original releases are by their “personalities” such as Tony Barber (Sale of the Century) Songs of the Century, and sound engineer Murray Tregonning’s Sound Effects for Fun.

Telmak were even less discerning than K-tel when picking its licensed material with artists ranging from Bing Crosby to the Sex Pistols.

In 1987 they were taken to court by CBS for their album: Chart Sounds – 16 Hits that contained versions of songs by artists other than the original – a practice that goes back many decades, the Golden Fleece singles issued by W&G being a prime example. The courts ruled thus:

There remain one or two other matters to be considered but weighing the factors affecting the balance of convenience I am of opinion I should make orders restraining the respondent until further order from advertising or selling the record or cassette without clearly indicating that the sixteen hit songs thereon are not by the original artists. I would regard a notice on the front of the sleeve of the record “Not recorded by the original artists” and a similarly worded notice on the paper contained in the cassette cover, so placed as to be clearly visible from the outside, as sufficient compliance with the first-mentioned order. I would also make an order restraining the respondent until further order from using the advertising poster “Chart Sounds 16 Hits /-/-1” without clearly indicating upon it that the songs were not by the original artists. I would also be disposed to restrain the use of the television advertisement, a video tape of which is in evidence, without a more satisfactory form of disclaimer.

Ref: here

This seems to have led to the demise of the company, and the general death of the the secondary compilation industry.

There are about 175 releases, we’ll start to catalogue them in the future.

Last updated: October 2015.