Starcall - RCA

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Starcall - Front Cover

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Starcall - Backcover

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Track listing

Little JeannieELTON jOHN
Winner Takes It AllABBA
Sooner Or LaterINNOCENTS
Whatever You WantSTATUS QUO
After The NewsREELS
Day Trip To BangorFIDDLER'S DRAM
Little By LittleJON ENGLISH
I Only Want To Be With YouTOURISTS
Wondering Where The Lions AreBRUCE COCKBURN
Gonna Get Along Without You NowVIOLA WILLS
Five Letter WordNUMBERS
Portable RadioHALL & OATES
Stay With Me 'til DawnJUDI TZUKE
Two Faces Have IOL'55

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Australian serial number - Star 100
Date of original issue - 1980
Australian Matrix Number - -

Notes -

RCA - Starcall

Starcall was an International sub-label owned and used by RCA, and later BMG after it bought RCA, for TV advertised products. In Australia it was used for various single artist compilations and re-issues in response to the growing popularity of companies like K-Tel, Concept, J&B, etc.
The division used different sale terms to retailers, and had a different marketing team to the parent RCA / BMG staff.
It existed from Aug. 1975 onward but was mostly active in Australia from 1980 to about 1990.
Catalogue numbers used the STAR, STXX, SFXX, SPXX, or SCXX series. While at other times the label simply used the existing RCA / BMG catalogue number.
The label seems to have been discontinued following the BMG and subsequent Sony takeovers.