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Ripsnorter - Front cover

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Ripsnorter - Back cover

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Track listing

It’s A Heartache – – 3:50BONNIE TYLER3:28
The Crunch (Part 1)RAH BAND 3:28
Star Wars Title ThemeMECO3:28
Float OnFLOATERS3:22
Janie MayFERRETTS3:30
Restless Years ThemeRENEE GEYER3:30
Yes Sir, I Can BoogieBACCARA3:30
Uptown Festival (Short Version) SHALMAR 3:30
(Going To A Go-Go I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) Uptight (Everything’s Alright) Stop! In The Name Of Love It’s The Same Old Song)
The Name Of The GameABBA3:39
Look After YourselfSTARS4:00
Stay (While The Night Is Young)OL'553:36
I Can’t Stand The Rain ERUPTION3:07
Native New YorkerODYSSEY3:29
Million Dollar Riff SKYHOOKS3:20
Big Bamboo (Ay Ay Ay)SARAGOSSA BAND3:50

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Australian serial number - PRS 1011
Date of original issue - 1978
Australian Matrix Number - -

Notes - Cover is rip off of the Polygram Ripper albums.