Early Country series and WA Series

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MX Number


Majestic - 30 Country & Western Favorites - CW500 - Front cover CW500 Majestic Country and Western Favorites Various   Re-issue of the Canadian Pickwick album from 1963.
CW400 or LP711 Majestic 25 Country & Folk… Various  

Re-Issue of the 1964 Artistic album. Artistic’s parent company was Hollywood Album Center of Beverly Hills. The record is in three bands on each side making track location difficult. Can be found inexpensively and in as new condition. Later copies have CF400 printed on them.

Majestic - 20 Country Greats 3 - Front cover CG200 Majestic 20 Town & Country Greats Volume 3 Various  
Majestic - Town & Country Greats 4 - TC300 - Front cover TC300 Majestic 20 Town & Country Greats Volume 4 Various   163377
Majestic - Town & Country Greats 5- WA340 - Front cover WA340 Majestic 20 Town & Country Greats Volume 5 Various   165585
Majestic - Town & Country Greats 6- WA341 - Front cover WA341 Majestic 20 Country Greats Volume 6 Various   167287
Ktel - WA342-GoodTimesTEMP WA342 Majestic Good Times in Country Music Various  


Double album with a fair number of Australian (Festival) artists.
Lots of copies about, but hard to find in good condition.
Ktel - Best of Country Music - WA343 - Front cover WA343 Majestic Best Of Country Music Various   173533  
Ktel - Country Tracks - WA344 Front cover WA344 Majestic 20 Country Tracks Various   176533
Ktel - Country Feeling - WA345 Front cover WA345 K-tel Country Feeling Various   178131
Ktel - Country Teardrops - WA346 - Front cover WA346

K-tel Country Teardrops Various   179503  
Ktel - Country Love - WA347 - Front cover WA347


Country Love Various   187419  
Ktel - Country Comfort - WA348 - Front cover WA348 K-tel Country Comfort Various   188320  
Ktel - Sundown - WA349 - Front cover - temp WA349 K-tel Sundown Various      
Sorry - No image is currently available. WA350 K-tel Unknown        
Ktel - Country Giants 1 - WA351 - Front cover WA351 K-tel Country Giants Vol. 1 Various      
Ktel - Contry Legends 1 - WA352-1 - Front cover WA352-1 K-tel Country Legends Vol. 1 Various 1984 203523  



This page mainly covers the WA series which were compilations of popular Country Music (and some Western) tracks by well known artists.

Australia wasn’t far behind the American market for Majestic/K-Tel, with the first Australian release, following less than two years after the original American release 25 Great Country Artists Singing Their Original Hits. These albums reflect the origins of K-Tel music licensing. It is not clear who pressed the records (they have plain yellow labels) and they may have been brought into the country from overseas.

The next two albums were pressed by ARC/CBS, then a long run of 12 years at Festival, before a final move to RCA in 1982.


Early issues had a random numbering system based on the album title.

The WA series coincides with the full take over by K-Tel brand name and the move to Festival for pressing.

The W series is common to Australia (WA) and North America (WU).

The consolidated series begins with WA340 and so far the Highest number I have seen is WA351. Latter numbered Country compilations were numbered in the consolidated NA series when there was a move to RCA in about 1982.

The order of the early releases is based on the Australia Matrix system that the ARC, Festival, Warner, companies adhered to. This is often referred to as the MX number. EMI and RCA were not part of the scheme.

As with the majority of Majestic K-Tel releases there is no publishing date – probably to allow greater shelf life.


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