Yesterday Today – NA607

Jimmy Rodgers


Front Cover

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Track Listing

Are You Really Mine
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Oh Oh I´m Falling In Love Again
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Woman From Liberia
Waltzing Matilda
The World I Used To Know
Its Over.

A Good Woman Likes To Drink With The Boys
Hold Back The World
Everytime I Sing A Love Song
Everybody Needs Love
It´s My Time John
Dancin´ On The Moon
When Our Love Began
Shovelin´ Coal in Missouri
I Have You
Just A Little Time To Say Goodbye
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According to the web site:

KTEL: The “Today” side masters of this double album are now owned by Jimmie Rodgers.

Album listed above was released and sold or licensed to K-tel without Jimmie Rodgers knowledge. It was originally recorded in Nashville on Scrimshaw Records owned by Bob Gentile (now deceased). The album was produced by Jimmie Bowen. Six of the songs on the today side and two songs on the yesterday side were written by Jimmie Rodgers. These songs have been released in Australia, England and the U.S.

In their divorce settlement (Melanie Gentile) Bob Gentile’s ex wife received ownership of the Scrimshaw masters and released the songs through K-tel without notifying Jimmie Rodgers. At some point she sold the masters to Grant Griffin in California who sold the masters back to Jimmie Rodgers. Rodgers now has the masters and a written bill of sale signed by Griffin.

In the confusion Rodgers has never received any information about the sale or license to K-tel nor has he received any royalties. The album was an $80.000 dollar production by Scrimshaw Records. Record of inventory to Jimmie Rodgers dated Nov. 27 1989.
The agreement between Grant Griffin American International Records and Jimmie Rodgers is dated Nov. 27 1989. Sold to Jimmie Rodgers for 500.00 dollars. The sale to Grant Griffin From Melanie Gentile is dated September 6 1986 for 3000.00 dollars. All information about this album should be passed on to Jimmie Rodgers (owner) who now has the masters.

Although there were many compilations before, K-tel – initially trading as Majestic in Australia – began the trend to heavy marketing of compilations and samplers in the late 1960s…


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