Bird Dance – NA613



Front Cover

K-tel - NA 613 - Bird Dance - Front

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Back Cover

K-tel - NA 613 - Bird Dance - Back cover

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Track Listing

Bird Dance – Version I
Waltz Medley
Blue Danube
Over The Waves
Vienna Blue
Gold And Silver
La Golodrina
Die Kliene Kneipe
Y Viva Espana
Come Share The Wine
The Thief (Diebe Kommen Am Abend)
Blue Jay Waltz
Fiesta Time
Blue Skirt Waltz
Holiday Schottische

The Bird Dance – Version II

Polka Medley
Clarinet Polka
Pretty Maid Polka

Lichtensteiner Polka
Too Fat Polka
Pennsylvania Polka
Snow Waltz
Rivers Of Babylon
Why Me Lord
Kit Kat Polka
Life In The Finland Woods
That Was Yesterday
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Gal)

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Although there were many compilations before, K-tel – initially trading as Majestic in Australia – began the trend to heavy marketing of compilations and samplers in the late 1960s…

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