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Sorry - No image is currently available. NA600 K-tel Melody of Love Marcel Roulant 204121 Recorded in Australia at Sunshine Studio’s, 10 Buchanan Street, West End.
K-tel - NA 601 Dances - Front cover NA601 K-tel The Dancer Various Artists 206661 Copyright. 1979.
k-tel - NA 602 - Neil Sedaka & Jene Pitney - Front cover NA602 K-tel Neil Sedaka and Gene Pitney Neil Sedaka and Gene Pitney 206773
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA603 K-tel Mancini Magic / Mantovani Magic Henry Mancini & Mantovani Platinum Picks – $5.99
K-tel - NA 604 - Four Tops - Front cover NA604 K-tel The Best of the Four Tops Four Tops/td>
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA605 K-tel Details Unknown Details Unknown
K-tel - NA 606A - Rock n Roll Fever - Front cover x NA606 K-tel Rock ‘n’ Roll Fever Volume 1 & Volume 2 Various Artists 1982 206195
K-tel - NA 607 - Yesterday Today - Jimmy Rogers - Front cover NA607 K-tel Yesterday Today Jimmy Rodgers
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA608 K-tel Hank Williams? The Legendary Hank Williams, 20 Greatest Hits? Unconfirmed
K-tel - NA 609 - Baroque Collection - Front cover - temp NA609 K-tel The Baroque Connection New World Ensemble No Matrix No.
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA610 K-tel Details Unavailable Details Unavailable
K-tel - NA 611 - Hooked On Classics II - Front cover NA611 K-tel Hooked on Classics Vol 2 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
K-tel - NA612 - Touche - Front NA612 K-tel Touche Various Artists 201948
K-tel - NA 613 - Bird Dance - Front NA613 K-tel Bird Dance Emeralds 206345
K-tel - NA 614 - Magic of Yodelling - Mary Schnider - Front cover NA614 K-tel The Magic of Yodelling Mary Schneider 1982 205741
K-tel - NA 615 - Songs That Built Austraila - Front cover NA615 K-tel Songs That Built Australia Various Artists No Matrix No. Recorded at ATA studio’s Sydney.

Artist not mentioned.

K-tel - NA 616 - Beautiful - Reels - Front cover NA616 K-tel Beautiful The Reels 1982 No Matrix No.

K-tel - NA 617 Wanda Jackson - Front cover NA617 K-tel Lets Have A Party Wanda Jackson 1982
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA618 K-tel Heartbreakers Various
K-tel - NA 619 - Chicago - Front Cover - temp NA619 K-tel Greatest Hits Chicago 176419 CBS Reissue.
K-tel - NA 620A - Wired - Front cover NA620 K-tel Wired – Vol 1 & 2 Various Artist 202200
Just for Love - NA621 NA621 K-tel Just for Love Various No Matrix No.
K-tel - NA 622 - Women of Rock - Front cover NA622 K-tel Women of Rock Various Artists No Matrix No.
K-tel - NA623F - Jerry Reed Collection NA623 K-tel The Jerry Reed Collection Jerry Reed
K-tel - NA 624 - Lynn Anderson - Front cover - temp NA624 K-tel Best of Lynn Anderson Lynn Anderson



This page covers the third tranche of the NA series from NA600 to NA624, that were either single artist or various artist compilations. Most were advertised on television and radio in some form. The NA series was the main consolidated series of serial numbers and seems to have covered anything that didn’t fit the TA (Teenager) and WA (Western and Country) music genres, although they increasingly slipped into the later NA series.



The order of the early releases is based on the Australian Matrix system that many record companies adhered to. This is often referred to as the MX number. The MX number is not on many later issues and some international re-issues. Furthermore, many of the issues that K-Tel Australia simply acted as a distributer for, or where they did budget reissues for other labels also don’t have MX numbers. Publishing year is given on the rare occasions when printed on the cover or label, or if there is clear evidence that it was issued in a particular year.

(Please note: Inside flip back and double record images will come as I get time to photograph them, and some the front covers will be redone. Enjoy.)

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