Frizzle Frazzle Frozzle – NA589

Victoria Nicolls



Front Cover

k-tel - NA589 - Victoria Nicholls - Frizzale Frazzle Frozzel - Front cover - TEMP

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Back Cover

k-tel - NA589 - Victoria Nicholls - Frizzale Frazzle Frozzel - Back cover - TEMP

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Track Listing

Frizzle Frazzle Frozzle
Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear
60 Seconds Got Together
Fat Cat
Magic Garden
In the Rain
Upstairs (My Friend)
Six White Boomers
Who’s Clever?

Cool Bob
The Hipporinopotapus
Frog Kissing
I’ve Gotta Friend At School
Birthday Parties
The Lion and Arthur Lee
Aussie Chrissie
Dog Walk

NOT so successful, although slightly more original, is Frizzle Frazzle Frozzle, an album of 20 songs featuring Victoria Nicholls, and produced by K Tel. Sale of the Century fans may wish to follow their star, but quiz show fame cuts no ice in the kindergarten world. Among the original songs, there are some good ideas, as in Sixty Seconds Got Together. But mostly the lyrics are banal and unimaginative. Miss Nicholls’s voice is clear and she sounds sincere about her audience but lacks the expertise to reach out and communicate. It’s a pity that the marketing extras (free-feeling cover photograph and printed texts of the songs) were not devoted to a more worthy vehicle. But we can all do without the Victoria Nicholls Coloring Book (a free enclosure). Kids draw their own pictures freehand these days. (Victoria Nicholls Frizzle Frazzle Frozzle K T NA589). Age – 24 December 1981.

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Although there were many compilations before, K-tel – initially trading as Majestic in Australia – began the trend to heavy marketing of compilations and samplers in the late 1960s…

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