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Ktel - Charlie Rich - NA525 - Front Cover - Temp NA525
The Rich Collection Charlie Rich 1979 188094
Ktel - Perry Como - NA526 - Front cover - temp NA526
Perry Como – 40 Greatest Hits Perry Como
Ktel - Tom T Hall - NA527 - Front cover NA527
Best of Tom T. Hall Tom T. Hall
Ktel - Don Williams - Images - NA528 - Front cover NA528
Images Don Williams
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA529
Best of the Andrews Sisters Andrews Sisters
Ktel - Aussie Superstars - NA530 - temp NA530
Aussie Superstars Various Artists
Ktel - Elvis Love Songs - NA531 - Front cover NA531
Elvis Love Songs Elvis Presley
Ktel - Dance Music - NA532 - Front cover NA532
Dance to the Music Various Artists
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA533
Details Unknown Possibly not issued.
Ktel - Disco Dance - NA534 - Front cover NA534
Disco Dance Various Artists
Ktel - BOB BARNARD JAZZ BAND DIXIELAND AND ALL THAT JAZZ - NA535 - Front cover -Temp NA535 Dixieland and all that Jazz Bob Barnard Jazz Band
Ktel - Jan & Dean - NA536 - Front NA536
The Jan & Dean Story Jan & Dean
Ktel - Burl Ives - NA537 - Front cover NA537
Most Requested Burl Ives
Ktel - Hot Nights - City Lights - NA538 - Front cover NA538 Majestic Hot Nights City Lights Various Artists
Ktel - Ripe Rockers - NA539 - Front NA539
Ripe Rockers Various Artists
Ktel - Nilsson - NA540 - Front cover NA40
Portrait Of Nilsson Nilsson
Ktel - Encore - NA 541 - Front - Temp NA541
Encore! London Symphony Orchestra
Ktel - Bread - NA542 - Front cover NA542
The Sound of Bread Bread
Sorry - No image is currently available. NA543
Best of Irish Brendan Locke & Geraldine Doyle
Ktel - Frank Ifield - NA544 - Front cover NA544
Frank Ifield Presents His 18 Greatest Hits Frank Ifield
Ktel - NA545-Fats-Domino-Temp NA545
18 of Fat’s Hits Fat’s Domino
Ktel - Roger Miller - NA546 - Front cover NA546
Roger Miler Roger Miller
K-tel - Hi Marks - NA547 - Front - Temp NA547
Showtime Spectacular Hi Marks
K-tel - American Dream - NA548 - Front coverK-tel - American Dream - NA548 - Front cover NA548 American Dream Various Artists
Walker Brothers - NA549 - temp NA549
Walker Brothers Walker Brothers



This page covers the third tranche of the NA series from NA500 to NA524, that were either single artist or various artist compilations. Most were advertised on television and radio in some form. The NA series was the main consolidated series of serial numbers and seems to have covered anything that didn’t fit the TA (Teenager) and WA (Western and Country) music genres, although they increasingly slipped into the later NA series.



The order of the early releases is based on the Australian Matrix system that many record companies adhered to. This is often referred to as the MX number. The MX number is not on many later issues and some international re-issues. Furthermore, many of the issues that K-Tel Australia simply acted as a distributer for, or where they did budget reissues for other labels also don’t have MX numbers. Publishing year is given on the rare occasions when printed on the cover or label, or if there is clear evidence that it was issued in a particular year.

(Please note: Inside flip back and double record images will come as I get time to photograph them, and some the front covers will be redone. Enjoy.)

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