Marty Robbins – Gold – NA465

Front Cover

K-tel - Marty Robbins Gold - front cover

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Back Cover

K-tel - Marty Robbins Gold - Back cover

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Track Listing

El Paso
Gone With The Wind
Singing The Blues
My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
Big Iron
It’s A Sin
A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)
I Walk Alone
Hanging Tree
Just Married

Ballad Of The Alamo
Devil Woman
Tonight Carmen
Don’t Worry
Saddle Tramp
You Gave Me A Mountain
Story Of My Life
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More)
Ribbons Of Darkness
Cowboy In The Continental Suit

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Although there were many compilations before, K-tel – initially trading as Majestic in Australia – began the trend to heavy marketing of compilations and samplers in the late 1960s…

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