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Majestic - All time greats of the 50s - NA440 - Front cover NA440
20 All Time Greats of The 50s Various 1971 165481
Sorry. No Image is currently available. NA441
Majestic - Rock Revivals - NA442 - Front cover NA442
20 Rock Revivals Various 1972 166183
Ktel - Fabulous Hits of the 60s - NA443 - Front cover NA443
20 Fabulous Hits of the 60s Various 166837
Majestic - Everlasting Memories of the 40s - NA444 - Front cover NA444
The Everlasting Memories Of The 40s Various 169435
20 Flashback Greats of the 60s Various 1973 Produced in association with: C.B.S., Festival, Phonogram, W.E.A. and Albert Special Products Division
Majestic - All time greats of the 50s 2 - NA446 - Front cover NA446
20 All Time Greats of the 50s Volume 2 Various 169545
Ktel - Classics 100 - NA447 - Front cover NA447
Classics 100 Various 1973 170192
Ktel - Children's Favorites - NA448 - Front cover NA448
50 Children’s Favorites Various 1973 171398 Re-Issued in 2001 with the title “Lil Bunnies” superimposed on front cover. On the Italian “Rockin Bones” label RON-33. However, it doesn’t seem to be the original, but a heavy metal band.

This maybe a compilation of the London records (Canada) “Breezy” singles issued in the 1960s.

Ktel - Believe i Music - NA449 - Front cover NA449
Believe In Music Various 170332
Ktel - Souled Out - NA450 - Front cover NA450
Souled Out Various 171806
Ktel - Hymns of Gold - NA451 - Front cover NA451
Hymns of Gold Various 172548
Ktel - Great Italian Love SOngs - NA452 - Front cover NA452
Great Italian Love Songs Various 172550 Produced by CBS Special Products
TempImage NA453
World of Waltzes Various 172648 2 LP, Gatefold
Ktel - True Blue Songs of Australia - NA454 - Front cover NA454
True Blue Songs of Australia Various 172760 1 LP, Gatefold

Produced in association with Festival, Fable, and W & G Special Products Divisions

Ktel - Irish Party Songs - NA455 - Front cover> NA455 Majestic 20 Irish Party Songs Various 173675
Ktel - Living Legend of Johnny OKeefe - NA456 - Front cover NA456
The Living Legend of Johnny O’Keefe Johnny O’Keefe 1975 173977 This appears to be a Festival re-release with liner notes from a Womans Day article from January 1975
Sorry. No Image is currently available. NA457
Ktel - A Time for Love - NA458 - Front cover NA458
A Time For Love Various 1975 174755
Sorry. No Image is currently available. NA459
20 Greek Party Songs Takis Nirvanas and The 4 Chambers Performed By Takis Nirvanas And The 4 Chambers,
With Tanya Lindou
Produced By Allan Black –
Black INC. Recorders PTY. LTD.
Recording Engineer: Gerald Stevens,
Recorded At A.T.A. Studios, Sydney
Ktel - Liberace in Concert - NC461 - Front cover NA461
Liberace in Concert Liberace
Ktel - Scottish Favourites - NA462 - Front cover NA462
20 Traditional Scottish Favourites Various 175933
Ktel - The Sounds of Sammy Davis Jr - NA463 - Front cover NA463
The Sounds Of Sammy Davis Jr Sammy Davis Jr 1975 176033
Ktel - Goofy Greats - NA464 - Front cover NA464
20 Goofy Greats Various 1975 176109
K-tel - Marty Robbins Gold - front cover NA465
Marty Robbins Gold Marty Robbins 1975 176035
K-tel - Juke Box Jive - front cover> NA466
Juke Box Jive Various 1975 176111
K-tel - A Family Christmas Album - front cover NA467
A Family Christmas Album Various 1975 176355
TempImage NA468 The Worlds Greatest Tenors Various 1975 176220
K-Tel - Funtastic - 50 Children's Songs - front cover NA469
Funtastic – 50 Children’s Songs Various 1976 176517
Sorry. No Image is currently available. NA470
K-tel - Pat Boone's Greatest its - front cover NA471
Pat Boone’s Greatest Hits Pat Boone 1976 176730 Portrait of Pat Boone on label.
K-Tel - 20 Great Tear Jerkers - front cover> NA472
20 Great Tear Jerker’s Various 1976 177373
Ktel - Let True Love Begin - NA473 - Front cover NA473
Let True Love Begin Johnny O’Keefe 1976 176882 Picture label on vinyl.
Ktel - Songs of Joy - NA474 - Front cover NA474
20 Songs of Joy Nigel Brooks Singers 1976 178581



This page covers the first tranche of the NA series from NA440 to NA474, that were either single artist or various artist compilations. Most were advertised on television and radio in some form. The NA series was the main consolidated series of serial numbers and seems to have covered anything that didn’t fit the TA (Teenager) and WA (Western and Country) music genres, although they increasingly slipped into the later NA series.



In the absence of the year of issue on all but a few K-tel issues, the records could be on the shelves for years, the Issue number then the Matrix number is used. This didn’t mean the albums were issued to sale in this order though.

The order of the early releases is based on the Australian Matrix system that many record companies adhered to. This is often referred to as the MX number. The MX number is not on many later issues and some international re-issues. Furthermore, many of the issues that K-Tel Australia simply acted as a distributer for, or where they did budget reissues for other labels also don’t have MX numbers. Publishing year is given on the rare occasions when printed on the cover or label, or if there is clear evidence that it was issued in a particular year.

(Please note: Inside flip back and double record images will come as I get time to photograph them, and some the front covers will be redone. Enjoy.)

More images to come…