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Astor - Go - Hitmakers - GLP3002F GLP3002 Go!! Hitmakers Volume 1 Various 1964
Astor - Go - Hitmakers 2 - GLP3003F GLP3003 Go!! Hitmakers Volume 2 Various 1965-
Astor - Go - Hitmakers 3 - GLP3005F GLP3005 Go!! Hitmakers Volume 3 Various 1966-

Go!! Show opening credits on the National Film & Sound Archive

Go!! Show

Go!! Hitmakers is a series of three albums that compiled many of the 54 singles and 7 EP’s released on the Go!! label. All Go!! artists were part of the famous Go!! Show stable.

The Go!! Show was a highly significant piece of television in Australia. It began with the commencement of the Channel ATV 0 (now 10) in Melbourne in 1964, and it’s initial 7 week contract was extended to 3 years. Until that time many of the television shows aimed at teenagers were “mime” shows. American and U.K. music was mimed by local actors. The Go!! Show featured local acts, and not just from Melbourne. Many of the artists such as Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen (Dig We Must), Mike Brady, etc., went on to have significant careers in the music and television industries.

Go!! label records, and the show itself, were produced by former Astor label harmonica player Horrie Dargie, so it was natural that Astor records pressed the releases.

The three releases are numbered GLP3002, GLP3003, and GLP3005. They go for significant money – if you can find them…

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