Festival - Australian All Star Showcase - XL-31,063 Majestic Compilations

Australian All Star Showcase – XL-31,063


Front Cover

Festival - Australian All Star Showcase - XL31063 - front cover

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Back Cover

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Track Listing

Johnny O Keefe
I’m Counting On You
Right Now
Move Baby Move
I Thank You

Col Joye
Bye Bye Baby, Goodbye
Sweet Little Sixteen Twist
Oh Yeah Uh Huh
Sweet Dream of You

Come A Little Bit Closer
Get A Little Dirt on Your Hands
Sitting in the Moonlight
Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight
Unusual 3 EP set with each record devoted to a separate artist/group. Heavy cardboard book with plastic sleeves for each EP.

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Festival was one of the major Australian record companies. After a few ownership changes in the 1950s, stable ownership occurred under Rupert Murdoch. Their first compilations were tie ins with the popular TCN 9 television show Bandstand. Festival pressed records for multiple labels, and had Australia’s biggest stable of popular talent…

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