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The Stars With Their Hits – OCLP 7609

EMI – His Masters Voice

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The Stars With Their Hits Back Cover

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Track Listing

The Swan – Dave Bridge
Dream Girl – Bryan Davies
Do Me A Favour – Robyn Alvarez
Johnny Gunslinger – The Sapphires
Botany Bay – Lionel Long
I’m Building Castles In The Air – Digger Revell
The Pub With No Beer – Slim Dusty

Proud Of You – Jay Justin
The Pommy Jackeroo – Buster Noble
Good Lookin’ Boy – Patsy Ann Noble
Wonder – The Delltones
Little Boy Lost – Johnny Ashcroft
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – Rolf Harris
Surfside – The Denvermen

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Despite recent ownership changes, EMI remains a major player in Australia and was probably the longest surviving recording company.

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