The Rare Stuff – SMSH 2028

EMI – Harvest

Front Cover

EMI Rare Stuff Front Cover

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Back Cover

EMI Rare Stuff Back Cover

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Track Listing

River Deep Mountain High – The Saints
Dot Dash – Wire
Him Or Me – The Banned
E.C.4.- The Flys
Only Arsenic – Rick Kids
Love And A Molotov Cocktail – The Flys
You Dirty Rat – The Banned
One Way Street – The Saints

Lipstick On Your Collar – The Saints
Demolition Girl – The Saints
Options R – Wire
Can I Crash Here? – The Flys
Civilization – The Flys
C.P.G.J.’s – The Banned
Little Girl – The Banned
Cyrinda – The Shirts

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Despite recent ownership changes, EMI remains a major player in Australia and was probably the longest surviving recording company.

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