Concept Compilations

Concept was a marketing company in the vein of K-Tel. J & B was a sister company. They were based at 37 Whiting Street Artamon Sydney and later 139 Murray Street, Pyrmont. Other than that there is little information. The label was started by Theo Tambakis. He had worked at K-Tel, where he produced Hooked on Swing.

Concept was a highly prolific producer of compilations, and lasted into the CD era. The first release was in 1984 – Breakin’ It Up CC0001, and the final seems to be after CC0200D – Unforgettable Songs, in 1992. The albums were heavily promoted on radio and television.

For space (and sanity) reasons we don’t collect Concept albums at this time, but will add details if they come across our desk.

Please note: this is work in progress.