Chart – Great Hits of Australia’s Big Stars

There is little information on Chart Records other than it was a co-enterprise with the Wong Brothers and Harry M. Miller. They used the ATA studios (owned by Col Joye) in inner Sydney. However, they existed from 1970 to about 1973, were pressed and distributed by Festival, and had some well respected artists (Jeff StJohn) and bands (Levi Smith’s Clefs) on their roster. This included Autumn who went on to do a highly respected album with Warner Bros.

This compilation has most of the labels roster. Thirteen singles, two ep’s, one album, and this compilation were the sum total output.

A vindictive album, Song to Raymondo (SCHL-934254) with singles and some discarded material, by Autumn was the labels only single artist album, and was released after they moved to Warner Brothers.

Despite what sellers claim on e-Bay, it’s not that hard to obtain in good condition, and is an essential part of Australian music history.