Channel 9 ‘New Faces’ Discoveries – FBAB – 5311


Front Cover

Fable - New Faces - FBAB5311 - Front cover

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Back Cover

Fable - New Faces - FBAB5311 - Back cover

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Track Listing

Little Green Apples

It Wasn’t Enough
Mary And Me
I Am What I Am
Goodbye Forever
Bird On The Wire
Misery Farm

Delta Dawn
Melbourne Blue, Melbourne Green
Sorrow Is My Name
You Are The Reason
Song For Jenny
Party Line
A New Love Day
There’s A Goldmine In The Sky

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Bootleg, Fable, Rainbird

Ron Tudor was the driving force behind these Melbourne based labels. Fable began in 1969 releasing it’s first single in April 1970, the Bootleg subsidiary followed in January 1972 and had a more country flavour. Fable was given a big boost during a dispute over payments by radio stations who refused the fees imposed by the major labels…

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