Vinyl Solution

After many many years Vinyl Solution is closing. Everything, and I mean everything is half price.

This follows the Frankston record shop that closed last year because the site was be redeveloped.

Even announced the closure last Tuesday, and by Saturday all the good stock had disappeared, leaving average and obscure LPs.

Nonetheless, I did pickup some Ktel records, a few Quadraphonic records, and a few things like early Judy Stone, and Carol King etc.. A fairly rare Johnny Young LP was also snared.

I didn’t get to go through the singles because of the number of people in the store, but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Evan ran the shop by himself, saying it took to long to train up employee’s. Running a large shop with so much stock was hard work for one person. While Evan is not old, he said he just wanted to retire. He mentioned a couple of times over the years he didn’t want to move all the stock to another store if the lease ended. Rents in Melbourne are becoming impossibly high through greed. What was once a fairly average shopping centre in a sleepy suburb is now surrounded by high blocks of flats (apartments).

So if you are in Melbourne, get on down to Cheltenham and snare a bargain. The shop will be open until the end of October or until stock runs out. So ring before going.


Over the summer, I’ve redesigned the pages. I’ve added the option of Spotify play lists. I’ll be adding these when there are enough songs. Some compilations all the songs are there, while other only one or two songs are present. Not surprisingly the alums with the most are American. Few songs from Australia are available, even re-issued albums are often not there.

Versions of songs are a problem. Sometimes concert or live versions are available, but not the originals.

So far I’ve done about 20 records. It’s quite time consuming… but worth it in the end?

Banjo Music!

Surely some one bought this!

Well at least one person bought Michael ‘Banjo’ Young’s , although the copy I bought yesterday has that slightly gritty feeling of a brand new record.

This record obviously hasn’t been played. If it was played once, it was never played again, and put away forever. It’s in mint condition.

Even Michael de Looper doesn’t list it his TV Advertised list of K-tel records.

K-tel spent big bucks promoting it with a 30 second spot that has Michael contorting his face into many a weird look. It’s unfortunate that the red play button is right where his nose ought to be, it makes him looks like a clown.

The music I hear you ask? Well it is best described as mismatched. I mean who plays medleys of Rhapsody In Blue with Swanee, Lara’s Theme with Twelfth Street Rag, and a medley of Jesus Christ Superstar, on the Banjo!

Michael plays the Banjo with gusto, in fact he plays well. He appeared on such shows as Young Talent Time and … well… ah hem.

But he did go on to have a career as a cruise ship entertainer.

He’s even on Spotify and iTunes with a recent record (2014) where he’s evidently learnt that Tiny Tim classic instrument – the ukulele! The man’s a genius.

I think I’m safe from Michael. While he grew up near me in Croydon Victoria, he apparently now lives in Merimbula. So it’s a bit of drive.

Got to give him 10 out of 10 for trying…

Changes 1

Recently I purchased 5 albums. These mostly filled in some gaps in the collection.

Greek Party Songs

The first one was the Greek album 20 Greek Party Songs. (K-tel – NA460) This is by Takis Nirvanas And The 4 Chambers, With Tanya Lindou. Unfortunately, it’s not in very good condition. With a unglued, limp cover, and no inner sleeve. It’s quite scratched, yet playable. But hey, I’ve got it. It seems to be quite rare, so I picked it up for 3 dollars.

The second album is the ubiquitous Hooked On Classic (Vol. 1). (75 cents) This disappeared with all the rest of them except the jazz one, which I have in two flavours. Hmm, suspicious…

18 Hits – Summer Gold

The third is the album of the century, well not quite. It’s a channel 7 issued compilation from the late 1970s.  18 Hits – Summer Gold. It contain such classics as: Telex Twist a StTrope, Villiage People – Sleazy, and Andy Forray – Drac’s Back. Enough said.

Broadway Spectacular

Fourthly is Chartstoppers Broadway Spectacular Vol. 1. (There was no vol. 2). This is one that I’ve seen about, but never picked up for some strange reason. My friend has it, and so I knew I could obtain it. Still no sign of Bobby Limbs Sound of Music though.

Lastly, a rare Crest record. This is not a compilation, but I thought I’d save it from the dumpster. I have the first part of the two part early 60s ep of the Melbourne Yarra Yarra band at the Melbourne Town Hall. So I might collect some and see what they are like. This one is the second part of the concert in the Melbourne Town Hall again, and contains organ music.

May 2016 Update

Hi everyone, time for the May 2016 Update.

The site changeover is now more or less complete. The vast majority of the links should work. Nonetheless, there is at least one thing not working as it should, and that is the forward / back page links in the top of the footer. These for the most part work but there are point were it will jump a number of pages – a gap – or loop. This seems to be a database problem rather than functionality.

I’m now in the process of tidying up. This includes adding some missing images (why are there always a few images that disappear when moving a site, fixing the notes areas at the bottom of the index pages, fixing typos, and doing some formatting tweaks.

Known issues

Beyond the forward / back page issue, I am aware of the formatting problems in the header – this in theory should be responsive.

A medium term issue will be to replace the coding on the Index pages. These pages are made with tables and date back to the original site some twenty years ago. That makes them non-responsive. However, it is a fairly large amount of work to fix them.

In the longer term I’ll be adding lots of new images when I get time to photograph them as well as starting on the other prolific labels such as Concept, J&B, and Impact.

As always…

Enjoy 🙂


With all the recent changes (they are ongoing) I’ve been informed that the front page is not currently visible. This is something I’ll come back to and rebuild soon. In the meantime please use the links at the bottom of the pages. I update these as each group of pages is updated.

Currently the following are complete:

K-tel early
K-tel All NA, TA, WA



Our next task is to review the links, images, and tags – some artists have multiple spellings. We have also discovered that some of the Next and Previous navigation is skipping pages. The pages are there, but there is an issue in the database. As I’m back to working on other projects these fixes may take time. I’ll then be working on improving the theme so it works better on mobile devices…

There are around 700 pages to update – so please be patient. Refresh pages that you have previously visited.

Enjoy. 11 April 2016



I have started the rebuild of the site.

I have almost finished building a custom WordpPress theme and that is in the test phase.

Once the theme is fully working I’ll begin the task of  moving the content of the existing static pages in to the WordPress CMS (Content Management System).  That means that everything – finally – becomes searchable.

Hopefully this will be fully complete by the end of 2015.  Then I’ll continue to add the many new acquisitions.

As always…

News and Upadates

As usual we have managed to get tied up with paying projects.

We are still around – and collecting. There have been a few little background tweaks here and there, and there is a raft of new pages waiting in the wings.

Until next time…

Site updates.

If you are a regular visitor to this site you maybe noticing some updates to the page design.  In particular we have changed the overall design of the subpages for each album and removed the table structure in favour of style sheets.

We are aiming to have all the new pages rolled out by the end of January 2015.

We hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Update November 2014

We’ve been working on the look and feel of the site lately. You should notice that many of the pages have new styling applied to them. This is another step in the process of moving to a data-base system.  The biggest change is removing all the tables and replacing layouts with HTML5 and CSS3 code.

There are still some broken links and pages with old menu’s.  I’m working through the whole site over the next few months.

There are also quite a few new listings.  Plus there are now landing pages for Hammard, J & B, and Readers Digest.