Bootleg - The Bootleg Special - BLAB-5309 Majestic Compilations

The Bootleg Special – BLAB-5309 *


Front Cover

Fable - Bootleg Special - BLAB-5309 - Front cover

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Back Cover

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Track Listing

Brian Cadd – Keep On Rockin’ – BRIAN CADD
Mississippi – Kings Of The World – MISSISSIPPI
The Bootleg Family Band – Honky Tonk Women – BOOTLEG FAMILY BAND

Stephen Foster – Back In The Country – STEPHEN FOSTER
Bluestone – The Singer Sang The Song – BLUESTONE
Dutch Tilders – Chimney Sweep Blues – DUTCH TILDERS

Bluestone – Wind And Rain – BLUESTONE
Brian Cadd – Fairweather Friend – BRIAN CADD
Mississippi – Will I – MISSISSIPPI
The Bootleg Family Band – Your Mama Don’t Dance – BOOTLEG FAMILY BAND
Stephen Foster – Make Sweet Love – STEPHEN FOSTER
That’s Alright – DUTCH TILDERS

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Bootleg, Fable, Rainbird

Ron Tudor was the driving force behind these Melbourne based labels. Fable began in 1969 releasing it’s first single in April 1970, the Bootleg subsidiary followed in January 1972 and had a more country flavour. Fable was given a big boost during a dispute over payments by radio stations who refused the fees imposed by the major labels…

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