Bootleg Fable Rainbird Crystal Clear

Bootleg and Fable were sister companies set up by former W & G producer Ron Tudor. Ron Tudor started as a sales rep with W & G in the mid 1950s before setting up their West Melbourne production facilities. He left in 1966 to work for Astor, started June Productions in 1968, and then in 1969 set-up Fable.

Fable’s first release was Curly by TV personality Jimmy Hannan. The second, also April 1970, was the well known hit Boom Sha La La Lo by Hans Poulson and co-written by former Seeker, Bruce Woodley. The last known release was from Bert Newton and the Debney Park High School Band late in 1981.

Bootleg was a sub label of Fable that was run by Brian Cadd. However, the number sequences were included in the Fable numbering (FB for Fable and BL for Bootleg), so the combined output is included here. Rainbird (RB) and Crystal Clear (CC) were further sub labels.

All four labels concentrated on local artists with a strong Country and Western slant. However, there were plenty of oddities such as a ‘Chipmunk’ version of Daddy Cool by Drummond, comedian Luigi Risotto’s songs, the well known Victorian football themes, and Mike Brady’s Up There Gazaly. Most local production work seems to have been undertaken at studios of another former W & G employee Bill Armstrong. There are a few Fable International releases by U.S.A., Canadian, and British artists.

Over its initial 15 year life, the label was pressed and distributed by a series of companies including Phonogram, Astor, Tempo, and EMI. The pre EMI serial numbers have the FBSA prefix, EMI releases use the FBAB prefix.

Although Ron Tudor is still involved to some degree with the music busines, Fable was sold to the Image record group in 1984. Tudor claimed that his diffiant refusal to join the radio ban of 1970 (record companies refused to give their records to radio stations for promotion because they claimed they should be being paid for fair use of their music) helped establish the Fable label but ultimately led to its demise as it had difficulty with long term distribution of its products. The Fable music publishing business still exists.

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