Banjo Music!

Sunday, 3rd December, 2017

Surely some one bought this!

Well at least one person bought Michael ‘Banjo’ Young’s , although the copy I bought yesterday has that slightly gritty feeling of a brand new record.

This record obviously hasn’t been played. If it was played once, it was never played again, and put away forever. It’s in mint condition.

Even Michael de Looper doesn’t list it his TV Advertised list of K-tel records.

K-tel spent big bucks promoting it with a 30 second spot that has Michael contorting his face into many a weird look. It’s unfortunate that the red play button is right where his nose ought to be, it makes him looks like a clown.

The music I hear you ask? Well it is best described as mismatched. I mean who plays medleys of Rhapsody In Blue with Swanee, Lara’s Theme with Twelfth Street Rag, and a medley of Jesus Christ Superstar, on the Banjo!

Michael plays the Banjo with gusto, in fact he plays well. He appeared on such shows as Young Talent Time and … well… ah hem.

But he did go on to have a career as a cruise ship entertainer.

He’s even on Spotify and iTunes with a recent record (2014) where he’s evidently learnt that Tiny Tim classic instrument – the ukulele! The man’s a genius.

I think I’m safe from Michael. While he grew up near me in Croydon Victoria, he apparently now lives in Merimbula. So it’s a bit of drive.

Got to give him 10 out of 10 for trying…

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