Welcome to Majestic Compilations
Australia’s most comprehensive listings of compilation records.

The original aim over a decade ago was to list records that had multiple artists following requests from friends as to whether or not I had particular songs. However, a challenge to collect all the Majestic and K-Tel records has expanded the scope of the site. We are now aiming to collect and document all the Australian Majestic and K-Tel records (and perhaps a few of the cassette versions). Our listing stops with the end of K-Tel in Australia, that is about 1986-87.

If you have any information about K-Tel in particular or the issuing of compilations in general – i.e. you worked at one of the labels, we’d love to hear form you.

Over the past few years the scope of the site has expanded greatly, and now includes the majority of labels and their releases. When the updates to the site are complete, our next aim is to document Concept and J&B. They have a combined catalogue of well over 1000 releases, so don’t hold your breath…

The news has been moved from this page and can be found through the top menu item on the left.

General Notes

Please note: this is work in progress.

If you are reading this version of the page – welcome – you can now search the site.

Note there are over 550 pages, so if you know a title or artist a search will get you there faster.

More cover art will be photographed and updated as time permits.

I’ve had a few inquiries as to when the actual music will be uploaded. As a photographer, I don’t like it when my images are used without permission, it’s the same with music. Whilst I reproduce the cover art here, I won’t be putting up any of the music. I sometimes “format change”, i.e. burn to CD, as is permissible under Australian law. However, most of the tracks can now be easily obtained by purchased from places like iTunes, and then at least some of the money goes back to the artists.