Changes 1

Recently I purchased 5 albums. These mostly filled in some gaps in the collection.

Greek Party Songs

The first one was the Greek album 20 Greek Party Songs. (K-tel – NA460) This is by Takis Nirvanas And The 4 Chambers, With Tanya Lindou. Unfortunately, it’s not in very good condition. With a unglued, limp cover, and no inner sleeve. It’s quite scratched, yet playable. But hey, I’ve got it. It seems to be quite rare, so I picked it up for 3 dollars.

The second album is the ubiquitous Hooked On Classic (Vol. 1). (75 cents) This disappeared with all the rest of them except the jazz one, which I have in two flavours. Hmm, suspicious…

18 Hits – Summer Gold

The third is the album of the century, well not quite. It’s a channel 7 issued compilation from the late 1970s.  18 Hits – Summer Gold. It contain such classics as: Telex Twist a StTrope, Villiage People – Sleazy, and Andy Forray – Drac’s Back. Enough said.

Broadway Spectacular

Fourthly is Chartstoppers Broadway Spectacular Vol. 1. (There was no vol. 2). This is one that I’ve seen about, but never picked up for some strange reason. My friend has it, and so I knew I could obtain it. Still no sign of Bobby Limbs Sound of Music though.

Lastly, a rare Crest record. This is not a compilation, but I thought I’d save it from the dumpster. I have the first part of the two part early 60s ep of the Melbourne Yarra Yarra band at the Melbourne Town Hall. So I might collect some and see what they are like. This one is the second part of the concert in the Melbourne Town Hall again, and contains organ music.