May 2016 Update

Hi everyone, time for the May 2016 Update.

The site changeover is now more or less complete. The vast majority of the links should work. Nonetheless, there is at least one thing not working as it should, and that is the forward / back page links in the top of the footer. These for the most part work but there are point were it will jump a number of pages – a gap – or loop. This seems to be a database problem rather than functionality.

I’m now in the process of tidying up. This includes adding some missing images (why are there always a few images that disappear when moving a site, fixing the notes areas at the bottom of the index pages, fixing typos, and doing some formatting tweaks.

Known issues

Beyond the forward / back page issue, I am aware of the formatting problems in the header – this in theory should be responsive.

A medium term issue will be to replace the coding on the Index pages. These pages are made with tables and date back to the original site some twenty years ago. That makes them non-responsive. However, it is a fairly large amount of work to fix them.

In the longer term I’ll be adding lots of new images when I get time to photograph them as well as starting on the other prolific labels such as Concept, J&B, and Impact.

As always…

Enjoy 🙂