Added listings.

While we are no closer to converting this site to a database, we have found a few more K-tel records of late. These include an early NA series issue.  20 Flashback Greats of the 60s features some local artists including – not surprisingly – Johnny O’Keef and Col Joy, but also Normie Rowe (Shaking All Over) and The Easybeats (Friday On My Mind).  This seems to be a precursor to their greater use of local material.

Although I’m physically yet to buy them, over the past few months I’ve also tracked down the details of around ten further issues. Some are the trickier ones that can be easily overlooked when searching.  These include a K-tel re-issue of the Electric Light Orchestra’s Greatest hits and a Bing Crosby concert.  You have to look hard to find the K-tel logo’s otherwise the cover art is often the same as the original version.

Listings updated today include:

NA: 445, 490, 583, 598a, 598b, 663, and 674.

Until next time.